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I'm so happy you're here : a little book about why you're great

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享譽全世界的療癒系插畫家-Liz Climo 2022最新作品!
  我們都需要小提醒,告訴自己是被愛的,而且自己很重要。而這位世界級的療癒插畫大師Liz Climo,再度用自己充滿溫暖力量的可愛動物們,為每個人注入一股又一股的溫暖和愛。
  有時候我們會需要一些振奮士氣的心靈雞湯,來提醒自己目前就是最好的狀態。Liz Climo用她筆下可愛的動物們,鼓勵我們好好地擁抱每一個開心的時刻,記得在跌倒後也要努力爬起來,記得好好地愛自己,每一個人都比想像中還重要。願這本插畫能陪伴你,度過每一個開心和不開心的時刻。
"With a tone similar to that of your favorite kids’ book and candy-colored animal illustrations guaranteed to make you smile, this is the illustrated pep talk we’ve all needed at one time or another. Perfect for people going through a rough patch, new grads, newlyweds or anyone who could use a little sunshine on their bedside table." --Good HousekeepingWe all need a reminder that we’re loved and we matter, and international bestselling author Liz Climo delivers that dose of warmth and love in I’m So Happy You’re Here.Sometimes we just need a little pep talk to remind us that we’re doing our best. With help from her charming animal drawings, Liz Climo encourages us to embrace the joyful moments, get back up after falling down, and always love ourselves. A little book to let someone know how important they are to you or a thoughtful gift you can give to yourself, I’m So Happy You’re Here highlights how truly amazing we are. Like a good friend, it will lift you out of low moments and keep you company until they’ve passed, making you laugh and cry while reminding you that you’re loved, you matter, and we’re all really happy you’re here.

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