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A fact-packed look at what garbage is and how to deal with it.Discover the key facts about waste and how we can produce less to help protect our planet.Waste management is an issue humans have encountered throughout history. We can learn a lot about the past by looking at trash that was buried in early garbage dumps, called middens. This book covers the different types of garbage, how it is dealt with, and the problems that occur because of trash.This is a timely entry into the award-winning DKfindout! series. It highlights some of the key global concerns, such as space waste, the problem of plastic, growing landfills, and fast fashion. It also looks at what is being done worldwide to help manage waste better, from renewable energy to eco homes.Positive suggestions are made for trying eco-friendly swaps for single-use plastic items, wasting less food, and converting trash into treasure. This book is thought-provoking as it gets the reader to ask themselves if they really need to purchase an item; and if they do buy something, to consider where it will end up after it's been used. A key way to prevent creating trash is to avoid consuming so much.

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