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Mysteries of the unexplained.

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Is there intelligent life in other worlds? What special powers do our minds have? How can people suddenly disappear? Are there really monsters and ghosts? Read about some of the world's most frightening and exciting mysteries---mysteries that science cannot explain!本書分為七章: 1. Other Worlds: 有關UFO和aliens的種種傳聞。2. Strange Disappearances: The Bermuda Triangle(百慕達三角)和The Mary Celeste, "The Ghost Ship"(無人船)至今未解的謎。3. Mysterious Monsters: The Loch Ness monster (尼斯湖水怪)和Yeti (傳說中喜馬拉雅山的雪人)等怪物的傳說。4. Ancient Worlds: Stonehenge (英國Salisbury平原上的史前時期巨大石柱群)、The Pyramids(埃及金字塔)及The Great Sphinx(獅身人面像)等現代科學與科技無法解釋的奧妙。5. Mind and Body: 介紹dreams of the future和fire-walking等the power of the mind over the body等種種怪異現象。6. Ghosts and Past Lives: 記載ghost houses及ghost的傳聞,以及記得前世(past lives)的人物故事。7. Earth Mysteries: 記錄地球上曾發生的自然怪異現象。例如美國一個城鎮在1987年一會兒的時間,溫度由24度升到35度。在本書的最後,作者為這些怪異現象下了結論:We are discovering more and more about our world. But as we learn more, we have more questions. Many things about this world are still a mystery...

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