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Ocean and sea

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Scholastic Discover More is a revolutionary new nonfiction line pairing stunning print books with corresponding interactive digital books that extend the learning online.OCEAN AND SEE unlocks a free 64-page digital companion book, SHARK SPOTTER, offering even more information, photos, and videos!We know more about Mars than we do about the oceans that cover 70 percent of Earth's surface and sustain life on our blue planet. Yet every child is fascinated by sharks, tsunamis, palm-fringed beaches, coral reefs and superstrange-looking deep-sea fish. This book is a genuine contribution to our understanding of the world's last wilderness. It introduces ocean water, geology, tides, waves, and coastlines, then moves on to a stunning catalogue of ocean life, from the smallest sponge to the largest whale. Beautiful original photographs and dramatic modern graphics are combined with up-to-the-minute factual knowledge from marine biologists, conservationists, and explorers.

Author of more than 250 books on all aspects of science and nature, the majority for children, from dinosaurs to the latest in spaceAlso editor or consultant on another 100Publishers range from the Smithsonian and DK to Rodale, WWF, London Natural History Museum, Penguin, etc. Qualifications include Senior Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London

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