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Peer into the world of insects and bugs with this children's book full of photographs and illustrations, fascinating facts, and engaging challenges--from the creators of, DK's free online resource for kids.Did you know that butterflies use their feet to taste their food? Or that a group of crickets is called an orchestra? Find out why Perfect for young bug lovers who want a highly visual nature book to increase their buggy know-how, DK findout Bugs is sure to inspire kids to look at the insect kingdom in a new way. Inside, author Andrea Mills breaks down what bugs are, how they live, and what makes them so cool. With this DK findout book, you will: - Learn to tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly, and a bee and a wasp- See bugs around the world, from leafcutter ants in the Amazon to Antarctica's only year-round bug resident, the chironomid midge- Check out amazing bug superpowers, such as a dragonfly's 30,000-lens compound eyes or a longhorn beetle's extra-long antennae- Discover which bugs glow in the dark and exactly what makes them shine- Read an interview with real-life entomologists Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker of The Bug Chicks- Fold out the cover for a quiz, a "bug detective" flow chart, and a sizing guide- and find out much, much more The DK findout series of kids books helps children become experts on their favorite nonfiction subjects, from dinosaurs and ancient civilizations to space, coding, and cutting-edge technology. Learn more about bugs--and everything else--at, the award-winning free educational website.

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