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★ 2012 年凱迪克銀牌獎  ★《紐約時報》年度好書  ★《華爾街日報》年度最佳圖書   ★《出版人週刊》年度最佳童書  ★《學校圖書館期刊》年度好書   ★《柯克斯書評》年度最佳童書
  本書榮獲2012年凱迪克銀牌獎。作者約翰.洛可曾榮獲美國博多書店原聲獎最佳圖畫書獎。後來為雷克.萊爾頓Rick Riordan的暢銷作品─【波西傑克森】系列、【埃及守護神】系列,以及【混血營英雄】系列T繪製封面。
One hot summer night in the city, all the power goes out. The TV shuts off and a boy wails, "Mommm " His sister can no longer use the phone, Mom can't work on her computer, and Dad can't finish cooking dinner. What's a family to do? When they go up to the roof to escape the heat, they find the lights--in stars that can be seen for a change--and so many neighbors it's like a block party in the sky On the street below, people are having just as much fun--talking, rollerblading, and eating ice cream before it melts. The boy and his family enjoy being not so busy for once. They even have time to play a board game together. When the electricity is restored, everything can go back to normal . . . but not everyone likes normal. The boy switches off the lights, and out comes the board game again. Using a combination of panels and full bleed illustrations that move from color to black-and-white and back to color, John Rocco shows that if we are willing to put our cares aside for a while, there is party potential in a summer blackout.

約翰.洛可John Rocco
  美國知名插畫家,從事過各種行業;11 歲時在羅德島的漁撈業工作,負責撈蛤蜊,成人後擔任過迪士尼樂園「明日世界」的遊樂設施創意指導、夢工廠動畫《史瑞克》的製前美術設計。
  自 2005 年起,他開始從事兒童繪本的創作,第一本作品就一舉奪下美國博多書店原聲繪本獎,後來還為雷克.萊爾頓(Rick Riordan)的暢銷作品「波西傑克森」系列、「埃及守護神」系列,以及「混血營英雄」系列繪製封面。約翰目前與家人住在紐約的布魯克林,在那裡,他經歷過許多難忘的停電經驗。想對約翰有更多了解,請參考網站。
John Rocco ( has held a wide variety of jobs in his life, from working in the shell fishing industry, to designing attractions for Walt Disney World’s Epcot, to creating illustrations for the DreamWorks movie "Shrek." Since 2005 his focus has been on creating children’s books, such as Wolf! Wolf!, a Borders Original Voices Award-winner; Moonpowder; and Fu Finds the Way. He has also created the cover artwork for Rick Riordan’s best-selling Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Kane Chronicles series. John and his family live in Brooklyn, New York, where they have experienced their share of memorable summer blackouts.

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