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Step Into Ancient Egypt

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In this wonderful collection of history books, children can step into the amazing worlds of bygone empires, and learn about the art, culture and inventions of ancient civilizations. Designed to be accessible and stimulating for the independent reader, this insightful collection of books is excellent back-up for home or school reference. From exploring the forgotten world of the Aztec and Mayas, to discovering the amazing secrets of ancient Japan, the books journey through time and trace the rise and fall of some of the most important and diverse cultures in history. Beautifully designed with over 1600 fabulous photographs, illustrations and artworks, this collection is an ideal companion for any home- or school-based study. Each book contains over 15 hands-on step-by-step projects toenable children to bring the past to life.

Fiona Macdonald is a highly experienced children’s author, specializing in history. Lorna Oakes lectures regularly at the British Museum and is the author of two books on Egypt. Philip Steele has written many history books for children on a range of subjects. Richard Tames is theauthor of more than 100 books for children.

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