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Step Into The Roman Empire

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The story of civilization begins centuries ago and ancient Rome was one of its most important birthplaces. Today's world owes a great deal to the cultures of ancient Europe, including many principles of democratic government, law, poetry, drama, art and architecture.Towering aqueducts and long, straight Roman roads still survive from those times hundreds of years ago, and many modern languages are still peppered with words that come from Latin, the language of ancient Rome.Find out for yourself how the Romans forged the greatest empire the world has ever known and discover the systems and techniques that Roman builders used to create great cities. Learn about Roman lifestyle and customs: the way they dressed, the entertainments they enjoyed and the foods they ate.A variety of easy-to-make projects are included: build a Roman home, create a purple-trimmed toga and fashion a golden headdress that will leave you looking fit to rule an empire Packed with over 300 colour photographs and 50 illustrations, including cross sections and historical maps, this book is ideal for fun and learning both at home and at school.What life was like in ancient Rome - find out about Roman houses, clothes, food, sports, drama, schools, towns and culturePacked with over 300 colour images and 50 illustrations, including cross sections, historical maps and a pictorial timeline15 enjoyable and stimulating step-by-step projects enable you to recreate the past by making outfits, accessories, food, models and craft objectsFact boxes provide extra insights and highlight links with the presentIdeal for home or school use for 8-12-year-olds

Philip Steele is a highly experienced children’s book writer. He is the author of Find Out About Ancient Egypt (Southwater), Find Out About the Incas (Southwater) and Find Out About the Vikings (Southwater), and the co-author of Raiders of the North, Swords and Samurai, Sungods and Sacrifice and Gods and Gladiators (all Southwater). Philip Steele’s other published works include: I Wonder Why Pyramids Were Built (Kingfisher); A City Through Time (Dorling Kindersley); My Best Book Of Mummies (Kingfisher); The Incas and Machu Picchu (Prentice Hall); I Wonder Why Castles Had Moats (Kingfisher); The Egyptians and the Valley of the Kings (Prentice Hall); and Thor Heyerdhal and the Kon-Tiki Voyage (Prentice Hall)

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