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The three little wolves and the big bad pig

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經典童話三隻小豬的顛覆版「三隻小狼和壞蛋大胖豬」登場了!這一次,換成「三隻小狼」要出門獨立,各自蓋一棟自己的房子。三隻小狼比三隻小豬聰明多了,第一次就知道用磚頭來蓋房子,但大壞豬也不是省油的燈,知道用有超級破壞力的工具來對付他們。  於是小狼的房子愈蓋愈堅固,鋼筋、水泥都紛紛上場,而大壞豬也一次又一次地把他們的房子破壞殆盡。  難道,房子堅固也無法安然逃過大壞豬的摧殘嗎?著名插畫家Helen Oxenbury用逗趣不已的筆觸,將三隻小狼畫得慈眉善目,大壞豬卻是滿臉橫肉、面目猙獰,彷彿傳統故事中的小豬活過來,對大野狼的囂張行徑加以復仇了!這個故事的結局境界超越以往,喜愛顛覆童話的朋友,千萬不可錯過!  
When it comes time for the three little wolves to go out into the world and build themselves a house, their mother warns them to beware the big bad pig. But the little wolves'' increasingly sturdy dwellings are no match for the persistent porker, who has more up his sleeve than huffing and puffing. It takes a chance encounter with a flamingo pushing a wheelbarrow full of flowers to provide a surprising and satisfying solution to the little wolves'' housing crisis. Eugene Trivizas''s hilarious text and Helen Oxenbury''s enchanting watercolors have made this delightfully skewed version of the traditional tale a contemporary classic.

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