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A quiet night in

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Marlon wants to play Musketeers with Basher, Boomps-a-daisy and Alligatina. But by the time he's dressed up, the game has changed - and it seems to be a case of all for one and one for all ... except Marlon!
  Jill Murphy wrote and illustrated her first book, the much-adored The Worst Witch, while still only eighteen. She won the Smarties Book Prize for The Last Noo-noo (9781406331844) and has also won much acclaim for the Large Family series, which includes All in One Piece (9781844285341), Five Minutes' Peace (9781844285396), A Quiet Night In (9781844285273), A Piece of Cake (9781844285266) and Mr Large in Charge (9781406300741). Jill lives in Bodmin, Cornwall.

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