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Don't forget the bacon!

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轉寄 列印
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全文長度176字, 使用字數:30 文字難易度: 中等
  小朋友有沒有替媽媽出公差買鹽或醬油的經驗呢?可是不知怎麼回事,不是買錯東西就是把最重要的一樣忘得一乾二淨!媽媽說:「六顆雞蛋(Six Farm Eggs),一塊蛋糕,一袋水果,還有培根肉不要忘了!」可是為什麼小男孩走在路上卻唸著:「六條胖腿(Six Fat Legs),一塊給我吃的蛋糕,樓梯,還有……培根?」天知道最後會買什麼回來!英文字差幾個字母,意思可差很多喔!
As he sets out for the store, the boy''s mother reminds him, "Six farm eggs, a cake for tea, a pound of pears, and don''t forget the bacon."On his way, he repeats, "Six fat legs...a cape for me...a flight of stairs...and don''t forget the bacon." Or was it "six clothes pegs...a rake for leaves...a pile of chairs...and don''t forget the bacon"?Well, at least he was sure to remember the bacon

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