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Around the world in 50 years : my adventure to every country on earth

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In 2003, Albert Podell realized that he’d been to 110 countries in the world. What if, he wondered, he could go to them all? He would set foot in not just the well-known tourist destinations in Europe or the vacation spots in Latin America, but the little-known, far-off lands that most people don't know exist.In Around the World in 50 Years, Podell recounts the misunderstandings, detours, accidents, breakdowns, robberies, and even wars that he needed to overcome to visit every corner of Earth. He describes his encounters with voodoo rituals, fruit-bat pie, the Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon, Cuban counterintelligence agents, the New Guinea wigmen, camel caravans, the Lord’s Resistance Army, and much, much more.With a wry, exuberant style, Podell's observations on the unusual and exotic places that lay beyond the usual tourist trails make this book a standout on the travel writing shelf.

ALBERT PODELL has worked as a magazine editor, photography director, advertising executive, freelance writer, adventurer, attorney, theatrical investor and producer, and philanthropist. With Harold Stephens, he wrote Who Needs a Road? He is the oldest person to visit every country and one of the very few to ever achieve this feat. He is a graduate of Cornell University and NYU School of Law and was a graduate fellow in international relations at the University of Chicago. He lives in New York.

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