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Daring Do and the Eternal Flower

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Exciting news The second limited edition hardcover book in the Daring Do Boxed Set series, now sold separately Nothing lasts forever...or does it?Daring Do is excited to learn of the Eternal Flower--a legendary enchanted bloom believed to grant immortality to the creature who drinks its sweet nectar. It is a rousing notion, but it has never actually been found Curious about the possibility of such a plant existing, Daring Do visits the Equestrian Botanical Society, where she quickly learns that the roots of the legend reach deeper than she ever dreamed.And Daring Do isn't the only one digging.She sets out on her own quest across land and sea, racing against time to find the flower before the nectar touches the lips of another pony--or a monster who might have more sinister plans for it than she does. Will Daring Do follow the clues and find the secret to eternal life? (c) Hasbro 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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