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The Persian Cinderella

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轉寄 列印
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Ever since her mother died, lovely Settareh has lived a life of loneliness and torment at the hands of her stepmother, aunts, cousins, and stepsisters, who are jealous of her beauty. Then an invitation comes from the royal palace for all to attend a New Year’s festival, and Settareh’s father presents her with a single gold coin with which to buy clothes for the celebration. “Choose wisely,” he advises.At the market, Settareh finds a glowing blue jug that she cannot resist. Surely, this is not what her father had in mind. Without new clothes, how will she attend the festival? But there seems to be something special about this strange jug. Perhaps there is magic within this vessel that will help Settareh get to the party, where she may have the chance to escape her troubled life once and for all. But with her jealous stepsisters ready to do anything t ruin her, will Settareh ever live happily ever after?

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