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Walk with a wolf

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轉寄 列印
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Young readers will welcome this exciting opportunity to be a part of the pack.Walk with a wolf . . . as she hunts alone, howls to her pack, and greets her cubs and mate. Hunt with the pack as it follows the scent of a bull moose, crouching and charging. Learn all about these lords of the far north, who have been hunted by man nearly to extinction. With evocative watercolors by Sarah Fox-Davies, Walk with a Wolf is as full of beauty and drama as it is of facts about this mysterious and often maligned creature

Janni Howker observes, "The fact that wolves have been extinct where I live for two hundred years should make me feel safe, but instead it makes me sad.The sound of wolves howling would make winter evenings magical."Sarah Fox-Davies hopes that WALK WITH A WOLF will help readers understand that "wolves are neither cuddly pets nor the monsters of folklore.They are fellow creatures trying their best to survive and to share this planet, if at all possible, with the rest of us."

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