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History year by year

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Get to grips with history like never before as you travel through the ages in this history encyclopedia for children that stretches from prehistoric times to modern day.Introducing an updated volume of History Year by Year - a timeline of world history that joins the dots of history by putting key historic events across the world on one timeline for children, including everything from prehistoric people, to world wars, humans on the moon, and so much more! Every page is jam-packed pictures and original artefacts, to give children an accurate insight into each era. Including features that explain major events, such as the rise of the Roman Empire of the fall of Communism, in an accessible and easy-to-read manner that doesn’t talk down to them. DK’s History Year by Year shows the influences, patterns, and connections between the events that have shaped our world and reveal the history of the world as never before, making this history book for kids an educational must-have volume for children aged 9-12 with a thirst for knowledge, and interest in discovering more about world history. Celebrate your child’s curiosity as they explore: - Over 1500 images that beautifully illustrates world history for children- Feature spreads look in detail at big themes and stories, such as the Renaissance and the French Revolution, and also include a timeline of events.- "Child of the Time" spreads explore the lives of children in history at very different periods, including Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, the Industrial Revolution, and World War II.- "Moment in time" spreads use one stunning, full-bleed image to capture one moment in history.- Updated timeline spanning prehistoric times up until 2018 Written with kids ages 9 to 12 in mind, this book uses unpretentious language and gives straightforward fun facts. The Child Of The Time feature encourages young people to imagine themselves in the past and lets them know that children had a place in history. Older readers will love this engaging educational book too! Dive in and explore the parts of the past you haven’t yet discovered. The multitude of photos, maps and graphics make reading about history simple and enjoyable. This visual guide on history for kids provides the reader with an overview of the most fascinating events in history, with concise and bite-sized information. Authorised by the Smithsonian Institution, and featuring an updated timeline documenting recent events in world history that you may still remember happening, there truly is something for every kid to explore, learn and discover.

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