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Sparkleton 5 : The haunted woods

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Sparkleton braves a night in the haunted woods in an attempt to earn wish-granting magic―without studying―in the fifth book of this glitterrific full-color, fully-illustrated early chapter book series!Every book in the HarperChapters line sets newly independent readers up for success with short chapters, art on every page, and interactive features that celebrate progress and effort!It’s time for camping! When Sparkleton discovers that he has to pass a wilderness skills test to go on the big class camping trip, he’s too distracted to study. But when he hears he can get wish-granting magic by spending a night in the haunted woods, he packs his tent faster than you can say boo! Can he fend off ghosts, glowing rocks, and―GULP!―the spooky Whirlwind Unicorn long enough to earn his magic?

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