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The bear, the piano, the dog and the fiddle

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如果你曾因「森林裡的鋼琴師(The Bear and the Piano)」感動 ,


  不論快樂、低潮、甚至某些瘋狂的時刻,Hector 都和他的小狗 Hugo 一起玩音樂度過;然而,Hugo 學會拉小提琴,甚至有機會和 Bear’s Big Band 合作演出後,Hector 逐漸對 Hugo 燃起了嫉妒之心。Hector究竟能不能放下自己的勝負心,由衷地為朋友的成就感到開心呢?(文 / 博客來編譯)
  'Another guaranteed bestseller from this remarkable artist' - DAILY MAIL

  Hector and his dog Hugo have made music together through good times, bad times and even some crazy times. But when Hugo learns to play the fiddle, and gets the chance to play with Bear’s Big Band, Hector’s jealousy gets the better of him. Can Hector swallow his pride and learn to be for happy for his friend? Set in New Orleans with a new cast of animal musicians, this big-hearted sequel to the best-selling The Bear and the Piano teaches that friendship, like good music, lasts forever.

David Litchfield

  David Litchfield is an illustrator from Bedfordshire in the U.K. He is represented by The Bright Agency. David first started to draw when he was very young, creating Star Wars and Indiana Jones ‘mash up’ comics for his older brother and sister. Since then David’s work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, books and on T-shirts. He has also exhibited his illustrations in both solo and group shows in the U.K, Europe and America.

  David’s award winning first picture book ‘The Bear & The Piano’ (published by Frances Lincoln) is out now.

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