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The pros & cons of being a frog

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"This celebration of differences displays great respect for readers' intelligence and yields more with each reading. --Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Two shy kids discover the power of friendship in this charming picture book that celebrates being different. A boy likes to dress as a cat, but his best friend's dog objects. What will he dress as now? A giraffe? A fox? A shark? When his best friend, Camille, suggests a frog, they work together to make the frog costume...until Camille runs out of patience. So the boy makes a list of the pros and cons of being a frog: Pros: 1. My friend Camille gave me the idea 2. I'm less likely to be chased by a dog 3. Being in a frog costume makes me feel brave Cons: 1. Not everyone loves wearing a frog costume as much as me 2. If you start getting bossy about your frog costume then your friend will get up and leave 3. A frog is NOT a solitary creature so it is no fun for a frog if his friend gets up and leaves Luckily, he won't have to choose, because true friendship means accepting each other's differences: he can be himself and have his friend Camille.

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