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You wouldn't want to live without cell phones!

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What would life be like without your cell phone?This series takes readers (Ages 8-12) on a historical journey, examining how people coped in the past and how they developed ingenious ways to make life safer and less unpleasant. Each book features full-color cartoon-style illustrations and hilarious speech bubbles to heighten interest, making the series attractive even to reluctant readers. These?mini-computers have transformed how we live, work, and play: from mobile banking to navigation, downloading music, and talking to our friends. So just how did we get by without them? This title in the fantastic new You Wouldn't Want to Live Without series explores the fascinating ways in which people coped in a phoneless world, and the inventions and discoveries they made throughout the years. With its informative timeline, helpful "You Can Do It" tips, and hilarious cartoon-style illustrations, this book will soon show you why you really wouldn't want to live without cell phones

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