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Hamlet : Prince of Denmark

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There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.William Shakespeare, HamletAfter Hamlet sees his father’s ghost, he begins to act in a strange way. He now knows the terrible secret of his father’s death and must decide what to do. Many people think he’s become mad? Is it true? Will he do what his father’s ghost asks?And what about love? Will he lose Ophelia’s love for him? Read the play and see how Hamlet’s life changes and how it changes the lives of the people around him.在哈姆雷特看到他父親的鬼魂之後,他的行為開始變的詭異。他現在知道他父親死去的可怕秘密,必須決定該怎麼做。很多人認為他發瘋了?這是真的嗎?他會遵循父親鬼魂所說的做嗎?那愛情怎麼辦?他會失去奧菲莉亞對他的愛嗎?閱讀劇本了解哈姆雷特的生活變化以及對他身邊的人所造成的影響。

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