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Who was Ben Franklin?

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班傑明‧富蘭克林是美國的發明之父,是發明傻瓜眼鏡和樂器的人,也是一位發現"電"的科學家。富蘭克林是一位擁有很多才能的人,他跟華盛頓一樣,致力於將美國從英國手中解放。他是一位科學家發現了電,他也是一位發明家,發明了避雷針和傻瓜眼鏡,同時也是一位作家。 在他一生中貢獻很多,成立全美第一間醫院和圖書館,也幫助建立了美國郵政系統。是一位熱血澎湃的人。人們都稱他為擁有神奇力量的人,但您知道他小時候過的並不快樂?這本班傑明‧富蘭克林的自傳,詳實紀錄一位國會議員、科學家、發明家同時也是一位作家的故事。精彩內容,不容錯過!
Ben Franklin was the scientist who, with the help of a kite, discovered that lightning is electricity. He was also a statesman, an inventor, a printer, and an author-a man of such amazingly varied talents that some people claimed he had magical powers Full of all the details kids will want to know, the true story of Benjamin Franklin is by turns sad and funny, but always honest and awe-inspiring.

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