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Tunnels 2 : Deeper

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In a clear case of bestselleritis, this bloated sequel to Tunnels offers a tangle of slow-moving plotlines both on and under the Earth?most of which are either eventually forced together by massive coincidences or left to dangle. Having survived multiple attacks from a subterranean religious organization plotting to clear the surface of human life, the main cast is left plunging down a huge well toward the planet?s center. What will they find? The many fans of the series won?t be left too far in the dark, thanks to any number of broad hints and a sneak preview of the next volume.

RODERICK GORDON and BRIAN WILLIAMS are coauthors of the international bestsellers TUNNELS, DEEPER, FREEFALL, and CLOSER. Williams divides his time between London and his native Liverpool; Gordon lives with his wife and children in Norfolk, England.

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