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Not on a school night!

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It's bedtime. Brush your teeth, snuggle down, turn out the lights. Sleep? Not a chance!It's lights out for a pair of boisterous brothers. But when sheets can transform the boys into superheroes, crazy slippers can turn them into dinosaurs and becoming a duvet slug is only a wriggle away, there's far too much fun to be had to think about sleeping. There's just one problem . . . it's a school night and Mum's not happy!|故事說到, 這一對愛玩鬧的兄弟, 一到晚上, 披上睡單變成英雄, 穿上拖鞋變成恐龍, 接下來還會發生什麼神奇好玩的事? 只是這麼有趣的夜晚真捨不得睡著, 明天卻又要起床上學去, 媽咪你會生氣嗎?本書特色逗趣可愛的人物主角,詼諧幽默的故事情節, 相信在很多家庭也上演著同樣的故事內容, 爸爸媽媽不妨陪著孩子一起閱讀,了解孩子在總是不想睡的夜裡, 到底有什麼好玩的遊戲或是神奇的事物吸引著他們?還是只想有爸媽的愛陪伴著?或許就能因此找到答案,讓孩子每晚都乖乖上床睡覺喔

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