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Black Lagoon adventures 11 : The snow day from the Black Lagoon

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THE SNOW DAY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON: When a blizzard hits, Hubie knows that doesn''t mean a snow day, it means a no day -- nothing moves, nothing happens. After spending all afternoon zipping zippers, snapping snaps, and buckling buckles, he''s finally ready to explore the winter wonderland. Can Hubie plow through his snow-venture or will he be left out in the cold? APRIL FOOLS'' DAY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON: It''s the end of March, and Hubie is struggling to prepare his pranks for the big day. The whoopee cushion, the rubber tarantula, and the fly in the ice cube just aren''t good enough anymore -- not when the worst joke comes from the place he least expects it. The joke''s on you in the April Fools'' Day from the Black Lagoon! 64 pages each.

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