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My dad

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「這是我爸爸,他真的很酷!」 國際安徒生大獎、英國格林威大獎得主 安東尼布朗深情之作, 獻給所有兒子和女兒,特別是可敬的爸爸們。







  這本書是獻給全世界爸爸最棒的禮物,能引導孩子去描述自己的爸爸,給孩子靈感去創造屬於自己的《我爸爸》。──學校圖書館雜誌 星級推薦

  From the 2000 Hans Christian Andersen Medalist

  In an endearing homage to dads everywhere, a boy describes -- and exaggerates -- the many accomplishments and feats of his father. Among the traits praised are his enormous talent for singing, his near-professional wrestling skills, his extreme bravery in the face of danger (he's not even afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!), and his ability to -- quite literally, in Anthony Browne's world -- eat like a horse. All of the pictures feature the lovable pater in his signature plaid bathrobe, adding a further comfy layer to a book whose ultimate message is "I love my dad. And you know what? HE LOVES ME! (And he always will.)".

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