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Today at the bluebird cafe : a branchful of birds

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It's all-you-can-eat at the Bluebird Cafe, A grasshopper-katydid-cricket buffet, with berries and snails and a bluebottle fly, a sip of the lake and a bite of the sky. A world of birds unfolds in twenty-two vivid poems that capture the unique personalities of birds from backyard blue jays to toucans and cockatoos. Come sweep through the sky with an eagle, compare table manners with a vulture, and mock a mockingbird -- if you dare! Debora Ruddell's poems are funny and thoughtful, silly and sweet. Joan Rankin's delightful pictures enchant the eye and tickle the funny bone. There is something for everyone who flies through the pages of this brilliantly birdbrained book.

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