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Little cloud

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轉寄 列印
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全文長度175字, 使用字數:64 文字難易度:簡單
  落單獨自飛行的一朵小白雲,在廣闊的晴空中辦起了變身舞會!小雲變成了軟綿綿的羊、轟隆隆呼嘯飛過的噴射機、鯊魚、樹木、甚至是滑稽的小丑…「快回來,快回來!」聽到同伴的呼喚,小白雲重新加入了他們,而這次,他們一道變身:下起大雨!總是變換型態的雲朵,最能刺激小朋友的想像力。著名插畫家Eric Carle用簡潔的文字,感染力強烈的畫面,把廣大的天空變成小朋友想像馳騁的遊樂場。
The clouds drift across the bright blue sky--all except one. Little Cloud trails behind. He is busy changing shapes to become a fluffy sheep, a zooming airplane, and even a clown with a funny hat. Eric Carle''s trademark collages will make every reader want to run outside and discover their very own little cloud.

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