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You want women to vote, Lizzie Stanton?

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This biography of Elizabeth Cady Stanton is as spirited as the women's rights pioneer herself. Who says women shouldn't speak in public? And why can't they vote? These are questions Elizabeth Cady Stanton grew up asking herself. Her father believed that girls didn't count as much as boys, and her own husband once got so embarrassed when she spoke at a convention that he left town. Luckily Lizzie wasn't one to let society stop her from fighting for equality for everyone. And though she didn't live long enough to see women get to vote, our entire country benefited from her fight for women's rights."Fritz imparts not just a sense of Stanton's accomplishments but a picture of the greater society Stanton strove to change. Highly entertaining and enlightening." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review) "This objective depiction of Stanton's life and times makes readers feel invested in her struggle." -- School Library Journal (starred review) "An accessible, fascinating portrait." -- The Horn Book

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